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Value-oriented Reporting of Costing Data from FACTON EPC

Today, companies in all industries still manually create business presentations that feature KPIs (key performance indicators). This generates lots of effort for the involved controllers and cost estimators to provide these numbers and reports in time – time that could be better used for their main tasks. The webinar will present the main challenges customers have in this process and how those challenges are handled by FACTON. We will show you how KPIs and calculation results from FACTON EPC can be provided and used enterprise-wide in state-of-the-art reporting tools like Power BI or Tableau.

Medical Devices: How to Achieve Zero Failure with 100% Cost Control

Zero failure with 100% cost control has become a necessity for medical devices and medical technology. Why’s that?
Due to its critical application, ‘zero failure’ of medical devices during operation is expected. To minimize the risks, the medical technology and medical device industry is bound with tough quality and regulatory hurdles. These hurdles along with the globalization has put enormous cost pressure.