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ICEC World Congress 2022

Rotterdam, Netherlands Rotterdam

The world is rapidly changing in many ways; digitalization, global warming and Covid-19 have a huge impact on the world where we live in. Despite all the changes we want to have a predictable outcome of projects. The theme of the conference is therefore “Predictable projects in a dynamic world”. Around this theme a variety of topics will be presented.


University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Companies are under increasing pressure to bring new products with more features and an adequate profit margin to market quickly. Errors in product costing estimates can reduce or eliminate profits as well as cause business loss. Non-competitive bids and the industry practice of target costing can often lead to sub-optimal solutions. In this course, you will learn various cost models, their advantages and disadvantages, and the concept of what “should” be the product cost.
• Product Design
• Product Costing
• Project Management
This course is intended to benefit industry practitioners involved in:
• Sales
• Purchasing – Commodity & Category Buyers
• Finance/Accounting

PACE Webinar – Integrating Planning and Performance Management Processes

web based

Improving profitability and complexity management are two highly interconnected challenges. While activity-based costing has a role to play in addressing both, it must be embedded into broader efforts to improve how organizations plan, manage and govern their business.