What is the vision for the Society of Cost Engineers and what to look forward to?

I’ve received a few questions and comments about our newly formed organization.  I’ll try to address most of them here.

Will this provide a path towards employment?

    1. We already provide the opportunity for individuals to post their resumes. From now until April 1st it is free of charge.  After April 1st, you will need to be a member in good standing.
    2. We already have a page dedicated to job opportunities. We will not just cut and paste jobs without the approval of the company.  We are reaching out to current posting seeking approval to post.  If you are an employer with opportunities, please use the Contact Us link and we will gladly post your position.
    3. As with any other resume or job posting service, we cannot guarantee placement.

Can I get Common Cost Data from your society?

    1. Common cost data is a huge undertaking and has numerous parties dedicated to this endeavor. Our plan is to team up with multiple sources and provide limited access, links and discounts to their data.  If you are a data source interested in sponsoring, please use the Contact Us link.  We are currently in discussion with a few providers.

Do you have a forum for discussion with other Cost Engineers?

    1. Yes, we plan on creating this forum. This forum will need to be limited to Members Only due to security issues.  We will be adding this feature in the coming weeks.

Will there be training and Certification for Cost Engineering?

    1. Yes, we are currently working on our training module. The goal is my mid-summer to the first module up and running.  The first module will be a Cost Engineering Generalist.  Cost Engineering 101.  There will be additional modules for topics such as Commodity Specific Cost Models, How to use a Cost Model in a Negotiation, Reading and Understanding a Cost Breakdown, etc.

We appreciate all your comments and feedback.  Please use the Contact Us link with additional comments and suggestions.

Gerald (Jerry) Collins

Owner and Founder of Society of Cost Engineers


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