Software Selection Tool

The University of Michigan Industrial Engineering IOE 424 – Practicum in Production & Service Systems Special project completed for the Society of Cost Engineers is a Software Selection tool.  This tool is designed to assist enterprises in researching which software solutions may be best suited for their use case.

Follow the following steps when using the SCE Software Suggestion Tool. 

  1. Need: Determine what needs to be costed
  2. Matrix: Familiarize with various software and features 
  3. Tool: Input needs that get cross-referenced
  4. Consultation: Ask SCE for deciphering assistance if needed 
  5. Demos: Use the suggestion list as a starting point for demos 

Your Result: Users get an objective view to pair with their previously only subjective view of software companies provided by the only selection resources which are Google and sales demos

Please be sure to scroll BOTH DOWN AND RIGHT to complete all inputs and see results.

All data and work to create this tool is available upon request from the Cost Engineering Library page on this site.  Please submit a request to receive a copy.

If you would like to see your software represented here, please use the contact us link on this website.