Is Society of Cost Engineers for Profit?

Hello once again,
In recent days I’ve been asked why the Society of Cost Engineers is a “FOR PROFIT” LLC vs a “NON-PROFIT” organization. The answer is really pretty simple. SPEED TO MARKET. After discussions with the local Small Business Administration, lawyers, banking officials, it became obvious that a Single Owner LLC was the way to go. To set up a Non-profit organization you need to complete more paperwork, get the government to confirm your status, establish a board of directors, have all partners present and sign documents and a host of other hurdles. If and when the organization is dissolved, there are even more steps to go through. Under a SOLE OWNER LLC, I was able to get this started in just about a week.
We are and will strive to keep the cost down and therefor our membership dues as well. We are striving to make sure you see a benefit for your subscription. Please feel free to use the Contact Us to provide inputs and feedback. Let us know what you want to see and how we are doing.
Gerald (Jerry) Collins
Owner and Founder Society of Cost Engineers


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