Membership FEE Waved for 2020!

Personal note from Gerald Collins, Owner and Founder Society of Cost Engineers

Unfortunately, some or most of us either know or have been personally impacted by the Coronavirus. This virus will have a lasting impact on how we all work in the future. Today, it is impacting all our businesses.

With the virus and its impact in mind, the Society of Cost Engineers has decided wave the 2020 membership fee for new members. That is correct, no membership fee for 2020. All you need to do is to visit the Membership Page and register FOR FREE. The expectation is that the world will be in a much better place in 2021 and we will be able to go back to the standard pricing.

The Society is also waving the fees for placing resumes, the Independent Contractor Directory and soon to be implemented Discounts.

It is my personal belief, as we approach the end of the critical time and venture into 2021, Cost Engineers will become very important to all industries, but especially the defense and medical. All counties will be looking to localize essential business to avoid relying on others if or when another world impacting event takes place. It will be critical that industries will be able to understand the impact of localized competition vs world competition.

Please will take advantage of this exceptional offer.

Gerald (Jerry) Collins

Owner and Founder of Society of Cost Engineers