The Society of Cost Engineers is working hard to provide our members discounts and benefits.  Please visit this page often for updates.

 To receive a discount code, you will need to be member in good standing.  To retrieve a discount code you will need to utilize the CONTACT US link on this webpage and request a confirmation code.  This code must be presented to the provider before a request for quote.

Disclaimer:  Discounts my vary by size, scope of work and provider.  ALL DISCOUNTS APPLY TO NEW BUSINESS ONLY.



The Center for Strategic Cost Management is dedicated to helping enterprises optimize their business End to End.

We will come to your business and work with you to identify your needs and recommend the ideal solution.

We can assist in areas ranging for Design to Cost (early involvement), Supplier Negotiations, Internal Cost Tracking, Market Analysis and Sales Negotiations.

The Center for Strategic Cost Management has teamed up with a variety of partners enabling us to tailor the best solution for your needs.

 We will provide free consulting for 5 hours per week for 4 weeks on any of the Society of Cost Engineers members’ discount providers.  These hours must be used within the week and do not roll over.  These hours will be remote and instructional on how to best implement these solutions.

 costdata - complete your success


Costdata GmbH is a global provider of software tools for purchasing, controlling, sales and development. Additionally costdata offers consulting services for cost analyzes to reduce product, service and tooling costs: customers receive holistic solutions from external cost analyzes to supplier workshops, price negotiations, trainings and design to cost projects. With comprehensive cost benchmark databases about materials, machines, wages/salaries, location factors and overheads, costdata is a reliable and outstanding partner of numerous well-known international groups and medium-sized companies worldwide.

The 5% discount is in the offer of the software.  It is a general discount – It is good for the whole duration of the contract.


Highest Cost Transparency with FACTON EPC

With more than 20 years in the market, FACTON with its EPC Suite is one of the leading providers of costing solutions. The Enterprise software addresses every employee who is involved in planning, designing, costing, and marketing your products. Our customers cover almost all manufacturing industries from the automotive industry to furniture, medical technology, or machinery.

The specific solutions offer robust answers to the requirements of executive management and individual departments within the enterprise. FACTON EPC enables standardized, enterprise-wide costing that is independent of location and department, leveraging maximum product cost transparency throughout every phase of the product lifecycle. It accelerates your costing, helps you achieve pinpoint cost accuracy and secures your profitability.

Proactive product costing along the entire lifecycle

With FACTON EPC companies in the manufacturing industry, also in medical technology, establish an active, reliable cost management based on a standardized and company-wide uniform approach. They achieve a high level of cost transparency and are thus able to make decisions quickly based on precise information.

  • Calculate costs more accurately: FACTON EPC employs standardized methods that enable enterprises to perform all their basic costing tasks quickly and securely in a central, standardized costing tool. The EPC solutions is also a centralized source of information for product and project profitability analyses.
  • Identify cost drivers early in the lifecycle: With FACTON EPC users benefit from an extensive list of functions for precise and transparent analysis of costing data in the lifecycle. Analyses can be performed during the entire costing process.
  • Cost optimization in a targeted manner: FACTON EPC helps you quickly find the right levers for cost optimization. In addition to optimization options at the product level, the software also offers special features to promote targeted portfolio management.

FACTON EPC can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and connected to existing ERP, PLM, or project management solutions. The EPC solutions are available as cloud and on-premises solution.


FACTON GmbH was founded in 1998 and has locations in Potsdam, Dresden, Stuttgart and Detroit. Hasso Plattner, founder and chairman of the supervisory board of SAP SE & Co. KG, has supported this innovative company since 2006. The international portfolio of customers includes Airbus, Mahle Behr, Deutz, MANN+HUMMEL, Porsche, Ford Motor Company, and other renowned OEMs.

Visit us on: a 3 month tryout of should costing solution in the cloud.

 The discount is a 3 month tryout of should costing solution in the cloud.

Makersite is a software and data technology company, as well as a pioneer in Product Intelligence. Our award-winning platform is the world’s most advanced SaaS suite for industrial product management. It helps manufacturing companies manage product data across their business and supports decision-making through integrated views of a product’s financial and non-financial performance metrics. Our unique approach to data integration helps solve the Compliance – Cost – Sustainability problem of products and their supply chains in a single integrated platform. Using Makersite, product teams can develop more compliant, safer, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products faster than with current systems and approaches.


Discount details coming soon!




Founded in 2000, SiliconExpert ensures companies design and maintain sustainable products with transformative visibility to their supply chain. With over 400 electrical, software and data engineers handcrafting its component database, SiliconExpert delivers the most comprehensive intelligence tool and professional services portfolio in the industry.  Customers globally use SiliconExpert’s solutions to manage risk, avoid redesign, mitigate obsolescence and reduce costs in innovative industries including consumer, telecommunications, automotive, medical and aerospace.

SiliconExperts customers including leading commercial and government OEMs, top tier authorized distributors, contract manufactures and component suppliers.  Their dedicated engineering team works with every customer to define the need and deliver a custom data solution to ensure sustainability and growth.

The Society of Cost Engineers and SiliconExpert are also thrilled to announce that all Society of Cost Engineers members are eligible for a 15% discount on their products.