Jeff Ghilani, Co-Founder

Jeff is a 1987 graduate of the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree. Although always technical in nature, he became interested in business and sales. Upon graduation Jeff began his career as a Sales Engineer for a manufacturer’s representative company selling a range of industrial equipment including automated valves, filtration devices, and heat trace. Over the next 12 years Jeff expanded his sales experience and skills working as a sales representative for companies such as Rosemount Instruments (Emerson) and ABB. Selling technical products and solutions to all levels of customers in a wide range of industrial markets gave Jeff the training and knowledge needed to build trusting relationships, learn the needs of the customer, create win-win outcomes, and sell value.

In 2000 Jeff was hired as the Sales Manager for the Engineered Products Division of a brush manufacturing company, beginning the next phase of his career in sales management and manufacturing. After building a sales team and creating sales processes, Jeff became division General Manger. It is in this role that he began to learn the nuances of manufacturing and the very important
impact of product cost and product margin on the bottom line. Jeff remained in the brush
manufacturing and sales business foe 16 years, working his way up to VP of Sales and Marketing.

After leaving the brush industry Jeff became the sales and marketing leader and then general manager for a manufacturer of calibration and measurement equipment. This company merged with a larger
sister company that manufactures components and devices for the compressed gas industry. He currently holds the role of VP of Sales and Marketing, leading a team that works closely with customers in the industrial and medical markets. In his current position, Jeff is also responsible for developing strategic initiatives for new product development including product cost, market pricing, and customer value proposition.



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