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  Company NameCompany LocationCompany WebpageGeographic CoverageContact NameContact Phone Contact EmailArea of ExpertiseAprioriCostdataCostimatorFactonGalorath / SeerMakersiteSiemens PCMOther
Amsab ConsultingUnited WideJahangir Miah+44(0) Cost, Cost modelling, Make vs Buy studies, ABC costing, Teardown, VA/VE, Software selection/implementation, Cost ReductionXXXCalc4xl, Excel
Center for Strategic Cost Management, LLCSpringboro, Ohio USAwww.centerforstrategiccostmanagement.comWorld WideJerry Collins1-937-689-1370gerald.collins@att.netTotal Cost Management, Should Costing, Lean, Negotiations, Software Sales, Implementation and SupportXXXXXExcel
Imoran Cost EngineeringGermanywww.imoran.deEurope / EnglandSebastian Moller+49 0173 9184913sebastian.moeller@imoran.deCost EngineeringSmart Cost Calculator

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