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Material Prices

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One of the most difficult aspect of cost engineering is finding good benchmarks for material prices.

We all have our own small databases of prices specific to our region / application.

If you have any immediate requirement please post a comment here and I will help if I have the data.

Same applies to data required for building new / specific cost models.

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Dear Team,

We are Engineering service providers to Wind turbine supplier in Cost analysis.

Request for material prices for below items.

Sl No Raw Material Type Material Cost ($/Kg)
China USA South Korea Mexico India Malaysia Vietnam Turkey Spain Poland Canada Indonesia Brazil Italy Morocco Saudi Egypt
1 SS304L                                  
2 SS316L                                  
3 Al3105                                  
4 CUZN31SI1                                  
5 Al 5052                                  
6 Al 6060                                  





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